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Empowering Businesses to Maximize Data-Driven Marketing ROI

Adobe Audience Manager can help by enabling you to collect all customer data in one place to build a single customer view (without violating user privacy). You can utilize Audience Manager’s extensive reporting capabilities to find out what’s working and what requires adjustments. Understanding your target market drives explosive growth, and nothing gives you a better understanding of your customers than Adobe Audience Manager.

Let our team show you the benefits of using Adobe Audience Manager today. We can help your teams create more comprehensive customer profiles and help you gain greater insights into your customer’s behavior using Adobe Audience Manager.

Adobe Audience Manager

Our consultants forge strategic alliances with clients, ensuring a deep understanding of business requirements for a customized Adobe Audience Manager implementation.

Salient Features

  1. Customer data gathering across all marketing channels.
  2. Customer profiling & correlation between both authenticated & anonymous.
  3. Fine-tune segmented data based on different customer profiles.
  4. Profile merging-performs cross-device identification, engineered to collect any form of identity (mobile ID, declared ID, authenticated ID) to create the most comprehensive profile.
  5. Audience marketplace offers brokerage of high-value audiences that can be activated for cross-channel digital campaigns, taking care of contracts, billing & payments between data providers and sellers.

Key Benefits

  1. Ingesting all online and offline data from a 1st party or 3rd party paves the way to data-driven marketing.
  2. Creating customer profiles from anonymous visitor patterns to segment and target with relevance.
  3. Direct interaction with Adobe Analytics makes it robust, reliable, and easy to maintain.
  4. Support customer journeys with consistent messages.
  5. Identify new high-value prospects.
  6. Adobe Audience Manager can integrate with any other marketing solution through API frameworks.
  7. Buy and sell 3rd party audience data in the audience marketplace.

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We partner with leading enterprises and help them leverage the capability of digital marketing to drive growth, boost brand recognition, and unlock new opportunities in the online world.

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