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Our Enterprise Solutions

A complete suite of cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solutions for various business functions, such as Finance and Accounting, Supply chain, human resources, marketing, sales, and service.

Embedded with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to help customers improve their customer engagements, increase their business agility, and react to change faster than ever before.

Built on cloud infrastructure platform, which provides an automated, secure, and scalable environment for migrating enterprise workloads and building new cloud-native applications.

Designed for change and innovation, with open standards, best practices, and the latest technologies such as service-oriented architecture (SOA), business intelligence, content management, and security.

Continuously updated with new features and enhancements to help customers achieve higher performance, lower costs, and greater flexibility in their IT infrastructure

Completely flexible

SAP Platform
& Technology

SAP BTP – Integrate or extend SAP Business Technology Platform applications to customize SAP applications or join and expand an entire landscape.

SAP Integration & Extension – These extensions permit the incorporation of additional modules and workflows, which enable the development of innovative programs.

SAP HANA – SAP HANA offers storage, data aging and dynamic tiering, provisioning capabilities, disaster recovery, monitoring tools, data modeling, and an array of security features.

Completely flexible

Oracle Fusion Applications

Oracle Fusion Applications is a suite of modular, service-enabled enterprise applications that provide a new standard for the way businesses innovate, work, and adopt technology.

Connecting Business across functions with efficient systems for each segment such as:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • CRM Marketing, Sales & Service
Completely flexible

Oracle Fusion Middleware

Oracle Fusion Middleware is a comprehensive family of products that enable organizations to create and run agile, intelligent applications in client-server, web, and cloud environments.

Oracle Fusion products are built on open standards and best practices and leverage the latest technologies such as service-oriented architecture (SOA), business intelligence, content management, and security.

Oracle Fusion products aim to help customers achieve higher performance, lower costs, and greater flexibility in their IT infrastructure


A cloud-based enterprise solution platform that offers a suite of products and services to help businesses connect with their customers, partners, and employees. Salesforce applications and modules are designed to address various aspects of customer relationship management (CRM), such as sales, service, marketing, commerce, data, and more.

Our main Salesforce focus modules include:

Customer 360

A tool that provides a unified view of every customer across all Salesforce products and channels. Customer 360 helps businesses deliver personalized and consistent experiences to their customers at every touchpoint.

Sales Cloud

A CRM solution that helps sales teams manage leads, opportunities, accounts, contacts, products, quotes, contracts, orders, and forecasts. Sales Cloud also offers features such as artificial intelligence, automation, collaboration, and analytics to help sales reps close more deals faster.

Service Cloud

A CRM solution that helps service teams provide support to customers via multiple channels, such as phone, email, chat, social media, web, and mobile. Service Cloud also offers features such as case management, knowledge base, self-service portals, field service, and omnichannel routing to help service agents resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Marketing Cloud

A digital marketing platform that helps marketers create and manage campaigns across email, mobile, social, web, and advertising. Marketing Cloud also offers features such as customer journey mapping, segmentation, personalization, content creation, and analytics to help marketers engage and convert prospects into customers.
Completely flexible

Enterprise Integrations

Our Enterprise Integration engineering focuses on creating interoperability between different systems, software, and technologies within an organization. We help clients design and implement solutions that allow for efficient data exchange and process automation across various platforms. They also test, troubleshoot, and monitor system performance and compatibility, ensuring that integrated solutions meet business requirements and standards.

Integration engineering is a crucial role in enabling organizations to leverage the full potential of their technological investments, ensuring that different components work together as a cohesive, functional whole.

Some of the key Integrations that we typically involve ourselves include data to and fro from systems such as:

  • Salesforce
  • Workday
  • Oracle Fusion
  • SAP
  • Client Specific Native Systems
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