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Agility is the surest way to establish a functional harmony between Cost, Effort, and Risk. With proper implementation, Agile can make the code many times lighter and a lot more effective.

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Values & Culture

Reasons to work with Alpha Net

Alpha Net combines it’s sophisticated, well-proven Agile practices with design thinking to ensure that the customer remains the central focus during the application development lifecycle. We believe this approach is a key differentiator for our application development capabilities.

Our preferred Agile methodology is Scrum with a combination of in-house frameworks to deliver maximum value with optimum speed and efficiency.

Marketing solutions

Agile Product Development

Integrating new age design and traditional development practices to bring agile methodologies to mechanical design

Agile practices help engineers and executives establish deliverable-based metrics in place of design-based metrics. The focus inevitably shifts to producing more valuable working prototypes that can be tweaked as needed.

In the long run, Agile development practices involve more stakeholders and establish a self-organizing, self-correcting development structure.

Marketing solutions

Agile Mobile Development

Our innovative approach and creative prowess will captivate your audience and drive growth.

The Mobile app environment is more volatile than standard development. It’s more open to changes and quicker to respond to external forces. That’s why agile is the way to go with mobile development. With Alpha Net’s experience in bringing the two together, you can rest assured that we’ve got you covered, no matter what the development challenge.

In nearly all cases, yes, it can. Alpha Net focuses on creating a minimum viable product first and then improving on it based on continuous feedback and assessment loops. Agile helps mobile apps find crucial pivots at the right time, thus saving a lot of correcting work later on.

Pick your path

Choose the integration that best suits your business

With our multiple package integration, you can tailor your software stack to match your specific needs.

Web Content Management

Manage and segment customer data for targeted campaigns.

  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • WordPress

Frontend Development

Enable authentication, social sharing, and data interaction.

  • AngularJs
  • React JS
  • Node JS

Digital Marketing

Facilitate easy file uploads, sharing, and access within your app.

  • Online/offline SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics

Quality Assurance (QA)

Manage and segment customer data for targeted campaigns.

  • Selenium
  • AEM Author


Enable authentication, social sharing, and data interaction.

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Azure
  • 24X7 Application Support


Facilitate easy file uploads, sharing, and access within your app.

  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • MongoDB
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