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Right campaign for the right audience at the right time using the right channel. Driving meaningful customer experiences and delivering a high return on investment.

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Personalized experiences that meet specific expectations

At Alhpa Net, we have long-standing Adobe Campaign implementation experience that helps businesses and brands execute campaigns and achieve measurable results in a specified time frame. Our experts know the nuances of this powerful decision-based engine and exploit it to advance customer understanding and develop multi-channel campaign strategies per your business targets.

Alpha Net Maximizes the Power of Adobe Campaign Manager for Your Success

Adobe Campaign is a conversational marketing technology that allows businesses to engage with their audience one-on-one across online and offline channels.

Right campaign for the right audience

A best-in-class campaign management solution for enterprise marketers. Scalable and end-to-end, Adobe Campaign enables you to create omnichannel campaigns that drive meaningful customer experiences and deliver a high return on investment.

We our clients leverage Adobe Campaign to simplify cross-channel campaign management and deliver intelligently contextualized real-time email messages to the right audience. Optimize their campaign automation to deliver increased campaign productivity, reduce their time to market, and empower them to hit your digital marketing business metrics all the while providing an amazing seamless customer experience.

Services We Provide:

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Consulting & Implementation

Our Adobe certified experts backed by experience gained from dozens of implementations will let our teams help you implement right way and design processes to optimize across all marketing touch points. Whether you need full implementation or support on as needed basis, we are here to handhold and support you.

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Campaign Migration

Alpha Net understands that our job doesn’t end with selling Adobe Campaign to you. Our job starts now to help plan your migration of your current campaign database and map the current tables with Adobe campaign tables, and support till the end and until you are self-sufficient on Campaign executions

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Campaign Execution

A recent survey revealed 90% of marketers use the marketing automation platform for basic email campaigns. How well you are equipped with creating campaigns and executing them? How well your team is trained with tips and tricks needed for successful day to day operations? This is where Alpha Net’s campaign execution team comes in to help you.

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Campaign Integrations

Alpha Net has experienced Adobe Campaign developers, business practitioners and architects with extensive experience in implementing Adobe campaign services and integrating them with Adobe Marketing Cloud as well as other platforms. We help you maximize Adobe Campaign’s robust functionality.

Our Customers

We partner with leading enterprises and help them leverage the capability of digital marketing to drive growth, boost brand recognition, and unlock new opportunities in the online world.

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